Our Lesson Program

Building Excellence From the Ground Up!



Whether you are looking to ride for the first time, getting back into riding after some time off, training to successfully compete, or enjoy riding as a hobby, there is a place for everyone at Meadow View Farms.

  • Our lesson program consists of both private and small group lessons, fostering the development of competent, confident, and competitive horseman. Riders will learn valuable skills such as good horsemanship, hard work, compassion, and perseverance. 
  • First time riders will get one-on-one instruction in private lessons until they can comfortably walk, trot, canter and steer, at which point they will join a small group lesson consisting of riders with similar abilities. 
  • MVF has several safe and reliable lesson horses available, as well as horses available for lease. These horses and ponies have been with MVF for several years and spent most of their careers in the show ring, and they have great wisdom to pass along to the next generation of equestrians.
  • Lessons are available Tuesday through Saturday. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a tour or set up a lesson.

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We welcome all ages and all skill levels!


We have safe and reliable school horses available!